Watch! Markus Riva challenges Vakin Phoenix as a Joker

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Watch! Markus Riva challenges Vakin Phoenix as a Joker

At the end of October, on the very eve of All Saints’ Day, Markus Riva surprised his followers by unexpectedly publishing a video for his recently released composition “In the Eyes of Tears” on his social networks.

In the video, the musician plays the role of the famous villain Joker, while he entrusts the main role of women, as well as the creation of bright images, to the stylist Kristine Chakare, with whom she has collaborated on several projects.

The idea to create the video came to Markum spontaneously, and it came about in less than two days, with Rivam himself taking on the duties of both director and producer. The person in charge of the camera’s work in the project is Andrejs Skujarts or Dree, who has previously filmed several video works for Markum, Ozola, Aminata and other Latvian musicians.

“The original idea was to make a video in the style of the 90’s, but looking at the calendar, I saw the upcoming 31st date and realized that we have a task to surprise the listeners a little differently,” says Markus.

The video was published immediately in both Latvian and Russian, and Markus’ entry into the role of Joker has already been praised by several representatives of Russian show business.

The song “In the Eyes of Tears” (in Russian “Девочка плачет”), composed in collaboration with Latvian and Ukrainian producers and is another forerunner of Markus’ upcoming album in Latvian.


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