“Was there something to pick up in the PS ?”

Stéphane Le Foll thinks to get in the race. But he suffers from a disability : very close to François Hollande, he has not had to deal with a nomination In the works ! in his constituency.


That to resume the head of a PS dying ? To four months of the congress, the potential candidates are moving quietly to their pawns, the tenors, them, not gates not to run for leader of a party is in a pitiful state after his double defeat in history.

Announced for February-march, the congress should ultimately be held during the second fortnight of march, according to the coordinator of the PS Rachid Temal. While a statute committee must disclose in December of the tracks of reform on its terms, the candidates should make themselves known before the end of the year, ” according to another cacique. Among the many contenders mentioned since the departure of the first secretary Jean-Christophe Cambadélis, the end of September, the four could finally be on the starting line, according to several members of the collective leadership of the PS interviewed by the AFP : the former minister of Agriculture and member of parliament Stéphane Le Foll, the president of the group PS to the Assembly Olivier Faure, mp Luc Carvounas and the mep Emmanuel Maurel.

The PS is dead ? Is it that we had touched the bottom of the pool ?

The president of the region of Occitania, Carole Delga, has not closed the door, but several officials of the PS stressed that its current functions are not compatible with the direction of the party. On the side of the aubrystes, the ex-member of parliament Jean-Marc Germain, who remained these past few months is very discreet, has ” nothing decided “, according to his entourage. The former Prime minister, Bernard Cazeneuve, including several relatives of Francois Hollande had hoped for the nomination, has declined, reserving, according to the socialists, for 2022. The former ministers Matthias Fekl and Najat Vallaud-Belkacem, beaten to the legislative, are also ” out of the game “.

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“There is a desire to do something else, to have other experiences. More doubt : is it that there is something to pick up in the PS ? The PS is dead ? Is it that we had touched the bottom of the pool ? ” decrypts a close relative of the former minister of Education. “Today, it does not interest many people, this job,” confirms a close of Stéphane Le Foll.

Seconds knives

Representative of the left wing of the PS, a former leader of the motion Now left to the congress of Toulouse in 2012 (13.3% of the vote), Emmanuel Maurel is no mystery of its intentions. “What is likely, is that from the moment when, during the quinquennium, I proposed something else, I’ll continue to do so. It is necessary to expect that the rules of the game are on the table. I have my role and my role, ” he said to the AFP.

Luc Carvounas also seems to be on the point of reveal. “I am a candidate to be able to participate in the reconstruction of this family,” he said Sunday on France 3. He will present his reflections in a book, by the end of 2017-early 2018. But the former lieutenant of Manuel Valls, who was close to Benoit Hamon during the presidential election, is not unanimous : “It is necessary to put people who we think they are constant “, squeaks a prominent Dutch. Mr. Carvounas may also be affected by the departure of several relatives of Benoît Hamon – the last in date, the members of the european parliament Guillaume Balas and Isabelle Thomas, for which ” life has left the PS.”

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Stéphane Le Foll, who will gather his troops on November 25, at The Bellevilloise in Paris, will take a decision “before the end of the year,” according to his entourage. The former spokesman of government, member of parliament for the Sarthe, however, suffers from several handicaps : “a little brutal and sectarian “, “it would be perceived as the return of François Hollande,” said one former minister. “His problem is that he has not had a candidate running ! in front of him ” to the legislative, persifle a deputy PS.

Olivier Faure might as well be in the best position to take the reins of the party. In private, the former deputy director of the cabinet of Mr. Holland’s work at Solferino concedes that it could start ” tomorrow if the candidates do not correspond to the idea [that it] is the reconstruction of PS “. Olivier “Faure said that it may be him, with the idea that Boris Vallaud back in the group,” confirms a dutchman. Which is estimated that Olivier Faure will have to “develop his game” in order to embody the party.

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