Was hysterical: Uncle George told how nearly lost a spouse

Была истерика: Дядя Жора рассказал, как едва не потерял супругу

Was hysterical: Uncle George told how nearly lost a spouse
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The wife of the showman found a congenital disease.

Ukrainian comedian and broadcaster Uncle George (real name Vadim Michkovskiy – Ed.) first told about the illness of his wife Natalia. According to the showman, it was discovered during a holiday abroad, where the wife suddenly lost consciousness. Then doctors diagnosed his lover a congenital heart defect that is not immediately apparent. Itself Natalia learned about the health problems even after the first childbirth, but did not attach any importance to this.

– When I found out about this diagnosis – scared for his wife. First, she was scared, I remember that tantrum. First the phone call, after she was released from the doctor, and we talked and soothed. But she had a clear position that it is necessary to do the operation, recalled the actor in an interview with “JWL”.

The complexity of this surgery was the fact that it is made only in childhood. And Natalia at the time was already 34 years old. The comedian admits that they, along with his wife launched the disease, which could lead to irreparable consequences. Soon I was able to find doctors who agreed to perform the surgery and saved the wife.

Reference “KP”

Uncle Zhora 44 years. Ukrainian viewers he is known as the captain of KVN team “Three fat men”, the resident “Comedy Club UA” and host of “GPU” and “Bgad show.”

Vadim and Natalia are married since 2001. The couple has three children: 17-year-old Christina, 13-year-old Christine and 2-year-old Amina.


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