Warkopi Announces Official Disbandment as of Today

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Warkopi Announces Official Disbandment as of Today

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia —

Alvin, Asep and Dimas or known as Trio Warcopy decided to disband as of Wednesday (13/10). The decision was taken to follow up on suggestions submitted by the DKI Warkop agency represented by Hanna, Satrio and Indro Warkop DKI some time ago.

“On this occasion Patria TV representing Alfin, Dimas and Asep ensured that as of today Warkopi is officially disbanded,” said Aly Julys as Public Relations of Patria TV in a media conference on Wednesday (13/10) afternoon.

“So Warkop no longer exists, there is no more Warkop KW, there is no more Warkop DKI KW, Mas Kasino KW, Mas Dono KW and others,” he continued.

On the same occasion, Patria TV as the management of Warkopi also clarified several things related to Warkopi’s content that is still circulating on social media.

The reason is, the DKI Warkop Institute has expressed objections to Warkopi’s presence on TV station shows so that it has its own YouTube channel.

“We made sure that the Warkopi content from the three of them [Alfin, Dimas dan Asep] we already take down, we have alsohold television shows but on social media, there are still ones that appear, especially on YouTube, so these contents are not official from us,” said Patria TV’s PR.

Furthermore, Patria TV confirmed that Warkopi’s official content only comes from the channel official Patria TV so that it is not responsible for content similar to Warkopi and circulating on social media.

“So if, for example, someone out there uses the name Warkopi and thenupload our content is not from Patria TV, so this is also to set things straight, because there are still worries, you know, already here take down why is it still there? Well it’s not from channel us,” said Patria TV’s PR.

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