Warkop DKI Asks Warkop to Change Name in the Next 7 Days

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Warkop DKI Asks Warkop to Change Name in the Next 7 Days

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia —

Institution Warkop DKI and Indro asked the Warkopi trio to change their names in the next week, and stop all activities that imitate the legendary comedian group.

The statement was made by Satrio Sarwo Trengginas as the son of the late Dono who was part of the DKI Warkop Institute, in an online media meeting on Wednesday (6/10).

“We remind Warkop not to use the name Warkop for seven days since this release was issued. Because the name Warkop is very closely related to Warkop DKI,” said Satrio as quoted from secondsHot.

Satrio said that Warkop DKI appreciated Warkop’s apology regarding their actions which were considered to have violated the comedian group’s copyright.

However, Satrio said that his party still asked for all Warkop activities that were imitating the DKI Warkop to be stopped. He also emphasized that Warkop had not asked for permission to create content similar to Warkop DKI.

“We confirm that Warkopi and the management of Patria TV have not directly asked for permission,” said Satrio.

Meanwhile, Indro Warkop DKI said that there was no longer a debate about copyright or intellectual property rights that was disputed in the dispute with Warkopi.

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