Walls smashed: details of the explosion at the Sayeret Haruv base

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 Walls exploded: details of explosion at Sayeret Haruv base

Israeli media are reporting details of an explosion at the base of the Sayeret Haruv Battalion of the Kfir Brigade.

Tonight, a powerful explosion occurred in the room of the company commander and deputy commander of Sayeret Haruv, as a result both of whom received minor injuries. It is not yet clear what caused the incident, but the possibility of an attempted attack or a grenade explosion is excluded.

Eyewitnesses of the incident claim that the explosion was strong and caused the walls of the room to collapse.

in which the explosion occurred was the room of the company commander and the deputy company commander. Eyewitnesses said that a strong explosion was heard, equipment and a building were damaged. It is still unclear what caused the explosion.

“Several explosions were heard in the complex. The soldiers ran to the container, which serves as the company commander's room,” said one of the commanders who was present at this event. “The first thing that was checked was the absence of seriously wounded. There is only one lightly wounded from impact and explosions. After that, a preliminary investigation began to understand what caused the explosion.

A military source said that those responsible for the investigation counted the grenades that the soldiers had in order to understand the source of the explosion, but no shortage was found. Also, most likely, the possibility of a terrorist attack is excluded. “Now we are testing other options, including the possibility of a short circuit.”

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