Walls painted with swastikas in the religious quarter of Petah Tikva

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 Walls painted with swastikas in the religious quarter of Petah Tikva

A few days before Rosh Hashanah in the Hadar Ganim district of Petah Tikva, residents of the religious quarter, who went to pray early in the morning, found several graffiti with swastikas on the wall.
< br /> Residents of the quarter called it a provocation and an attempt to inflict a psychological blow on the Jews. “The city of Petah Tikva has already experienced hate crimes involving young people from the neo-Nazi movement who desecrated the Great City Synagogue”, — they added, referring to the events of past years.

The outrageous incident of 2018 thundered throughout the country, when the central facade of the Mikdash Moshe synagogue was painted with swastikas and SS symbols. in Petah Tikva. In addition to the synagogue, two more city buildings were damaged that night, which were painted with Nazi symbols – a branch of the Ministry of Health and the Bituah Leumi building. In hot pursuit, the vandal himself, a local resident, was arrested, who violently resisted the police.

About 10 years ago, after a series of acts of vandalism, several young people were arrested in Petah Tikva, who confessed that they belonged to a certain Nazi sect. They were sentenced to prison after they also confessed, in addition to vandalism, to attacks on foreign citizens, ultra-Orthodox people and to killing animals.

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