Waldman: “We are a chain of” Russian “stores and we are proud of it!”


History of the Waldman sausage factory and the network of branded grocery stores of the same name began in the 80s. Then the father of the current owners kept a small butcher's shop in the Carmel market. Over time, the shop developed into a small production based on technologies learned in Germany. Time passed, the world changed, Big Aliya arrived and the demand of buyers also changed. Finding their bearings quickly, the Waldman family expanded their meat production, focusing on new immigrants from the former Soviet Union.

Since then, the business has been and remains a family business, and the name, of course, is the surname of the owners. The business is currently run by the brothers Yossi and Benjamin Waldman. Yossi speaks with great love about his business: “ I personally go to our partners in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus, study new technologies, get acquainted with new tastes. It is important for me that everyone who comes to our store finds something special for themselves, feels the taste of a good purchase, literally and figuratively. ”

Waldman:  Waldman: “We are a chain of Russian stores and we are proud of it!” /> </p>
<p>Sausages, pastramas, sausages and other meat delicacies that are produced at the plant are supplied not only to the brand stores of the chain, but also to other gourmet stores and restaurants in Israel. </p>
<p> By the way, the most popular product, practically a bestseller, is became a sausage “ Parliament '' – smoked boiled doctor's sausage. You should definitely try it! </p>
<p>& quot; Waldman & quot; undoubtedly relies not only on anticipating the needs of its customers, but also on a high level of service. In addition to a well-chosen assortment and affordable prices, you will find in the stores of the network sellers who speak your language, butchers who have completed advanced training courses and managers who monitor the quality of service. That is why the Waldman network offers many communication channels for its customers: phone, WhatsApp, Fasebook, Instagram. </p>
<p>Here they do everything they can and even more. During the first quarantine period, a shuttle service was even organized for customers from home to the store, and then with purchases to the house as a free service from the store. Unfortunately, the Ministry of Health later banned this type of service, but in Waldman stores keep thinking about you continuously. Therefore, the stores are open on weekdays and weekends. </p>
<p> Caring for your customers & ndash; the main priority of the Waldman chain, therefore, the minimum order amount for free home delivery has been reduced from NIS 500 to NIS 300 so that everyone can afford delivery. Moreover, you can place an order not only through the website https://valdman.shopo.co.il/but also through WhatsApp, by the phone number indicated on the ad in each branch. </p>
<p> Waldman, you will surely do it over and over again. But if you haven't looked into this culinary treasury yet, you should do it as soon as possible, even before the New Year, because here they are already preparing for it with might and main, filling the shelves and offering discounts! </p>
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