Wachowski: Personal tragedy prompted the filming of Matrix 4

Wachowski: Remove

Director Lana Wachowski said she was making the film The Matrix Resurrection 18 years after the release of the final part of the franchise, she was prompted by a personal tragedy.

“I told everyone for 18 years that I did not want to make another film about the Matrix. Lilly also said that she has no plans to take on a sequel “,” noted Lana at a meeting in San Francisco.

However, the death of her parents forced her to change her mind.

“I needed to do something to deal with grief … Creating a story in which two people come back to life is healing and comforting. I just wrote it. I didn't know what I was going to do next. But then I read a fragment to my friend, and she said: “ My God, you have to tell about this '', & ndash; the director admitted.

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