Voronov from Svajena Malevich meets with former bachelorette Skorikova

Ворошнов из  Зважених та щасливих  встречается с экс-холостячкой Скориковой

Voronov from “Svajena Malevich” is Dating former bachelorette Skorikova
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Photo: Instagram?

Nikolai Voronov published a picture with the beloved.

In this story there is nothing else as just to say: everything is possible. Nikolai Voronov, the winner of the first season of the reality “that zvazheni schaslivi”, participant of “Svajena Malevich-9” on the STB, and Irina Skorikova, a participant of the third season of the show “the Bachelor” couple.

– With Valentine’s Day. Love is in the air – admitted Kohl.

Irina Skorikova participated in the season when the main character of “the Bachelor” was a plastic surgeon Andrey Iskornev. And, despite the fact that in the final he handed the ring to Anna Trump, he was left with Skorikova, which dropped out of the project after a few esters to the finals. The couple lived in two cities – Irina in Kiev, Andrey in Moscow. However, in July 2014 the relationship that lasted more than a year, came to an end.

As recognized then Irina, it was very romantic to fly to visit you in another country, but domestic issues they never managed to escape. Plus, learning more each other, their passion grew into a friendship.

Viewers of “Svajena Malevich” it seemed that Nicholas Voronov had feelings for partner Ana Bogachova. And he talked about it on camera. But then he admitted that he and Anna are just friends.

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