Volvo introduced the smart car of the future Care Concept

The car of the future, according to Volvo, should be not just ecologically perfect, but also completely self-contained and extremely safe. Presented today Care Concept embodies the latest developments in this field. He literally will be able to take care of the people in the cabin.

Many automakers began to experiment with the cars of the future. They have “learned” to monitor the health of the driver to timely prevent the development of hazardous road scenarios. Inspired by this slowly growing trend, artist Maximilan Croucher has created what’s called the Volvo Care Concept.

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Smart car future Volvo Care Concept developed in the form of a small urban compact two-door that could take care of the passengers inside, taking into account their individual needs. For example, the cabin has everything you need for the active participation of the driver in the management process, but at the same time there are tools for relaxation, when he is bored. For leisure, the concept offers advanced infotainment system. Thus, this concept can in its sole discretion to decide whether to go in a normal car, or would prefer to travel with comfort in the passenger seat surrounded by means of multimedia entertainment.

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Design Volvo Care Concept embodies the idea of caring about a person, including a large windscreen that stretches from the edge of the rear window and the roof, straight to the top of the front bumper. Thus the shaped glass dome. Led lights are integrated in the glass dome on the lower edge of the windshield.

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