Volochkova unexpectedly supported Pugacheva

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 Volochkova unexpectedly supported Pugacheva

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Russian ballerina Anastasia Volochkova, who supports the policy of Russian President Vladimir Putin, suddenly stood up for Alla Pugacheva and Maxim Galkin, who oppose the actions of the Russian leader.

Volochkova stated that Pugacheva can do everything and no one has the right to reproach her.

"Alla Pugacheva– this man is a legend. Whatever she does — she can do anything! In general, everything! She is known not only for her big name, but also for her deeds and deeds. Alla Borisovna has always supported me as a human being, for which I am very grateful to her, & ndash; The Russian media relay her words.

The ballerina also said that she would not let Pugachev offend.

“She has the right to live where she wants. There are special people. Alla Borisovna must be accepted in any country in the world, where she is comfortable. I will not let Alla Borisovna offend anyone, I will not allow anyone to say at least one bad word about her in front of me. She is a real, sincere person. The whole country (RF) is discussing where she will rest. Yes, wherever he wants, there he will rest! I wrote the kindest words to Alla Borisovna so that they would keep – and she, and Maxim Galkin ",– Volochkova said.

In addition, she stressed that she understands that after the support of the star couple, a wave of hatred will fall on her, but she is not afraid of her.

“They (Pugacheva and Galkin. – Ed.) my friends, I love this family, I love their children. Whatever they do — they are always right. They are real",– added the star of the Russian ballet.

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