Volochkova naked in the bath

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 Volochkova got naked in the bath

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47-year-old Anastasia Volochkova pleases subscribers with new informational reasons quite often, Russian media write. This time, the ballet star was naked in the bath, emphasizing that she likes to spend her day off in this way. Subscribers appreciated the picture published on Instagram not only in terms of sexuality, but also purity. They were embarrassed by scattered branches from a broom, leaves, etc.

Subscribers left not very flattering comments:

“ Anastasia, aren't you ashamed to show such dirt.

“What a mess. Horror”.

“She is prima and prima in the bath… but why is it so dirty”.

On the same day, television stars Anfisa Chekhova and Lera Kudryavtseva went to the bathhouse. They said hello to Volochkova and said that they also did the splits. But there is no evidence for this.

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