Volochkova has shown spicy photo Morrice: “the Two of us much easier”

Волочкова показала пикантное фото с Джигурдой: "Вдвоем гораздо легче"

Russian ballerina Anastasia Volochkova shared a photo where she is depicted with tasnim artist Nikita Dzhigurda

Your the she signed Lukonina: “the Two of us to defend the truth that much easier.” The chair hugged the actress and showed a hand sign that means “cool”.

Волочкова показала пикантное фото с Джигурдой: "Вдвоем гораздо легче"

Unfortunately, to discuss this situation admirers and haters of the stars has failed, as it recently turned off the feature in Instagram that allows you to comment on her records.

So, on the page of the controversial celebrity posted a video in which she told me how she got rid of “negativity”:

“Friends, the time off comments. So good! You come to the page, and skirmish and no dirt!🤣💪🏻 Lovely!🤣 But don’t be bored! 😂 Love each other, enjoy your life, switch with me😂, and don’t forget the dirt that you throw in a side of a person may not fly, and your hands will remain..😝” – wrote under the recording artist.

Comments cunning ballerina hid, so followers failed to write funny reviews. However, Anastasia did this because after the recent Nude shots on the Maldives and wallow in snowdrifts star ran into a wave of criticism and outrage. People often curse her legs, which she exhibited after grueling workouts, old pedicure, it twines and her “nurse”, well, if you know what it is about.

Волочкова показала пикантное фото с Джигурдой: "Вдвоем гораздо легче"

It is also worth noting that Volochkova has recently agreed to reconciliation with his worst enemy — Ksenia Sobchak, in which the ballerina many years ago took away a loved one. When Sobchak was at the center of attention because of her affair with Bogomolov Volochkova advised her not to worry and to relax. Sobchak, in turn, put “like” on this comment.

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Recall that Volochkova showed itself in mini bikini after the holidays. The celebrity was compared to the cartoon Sponge Bob due to the striking resemblance.

As reported Politeka, Volochkova told the truth about his relationship with Dzhigurda.

Also Politeka wrote Volochkova disgraced while bathing on Epiphany.

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Gee-Gee-Gee🤣😂 was Boring? Disabled comments😂😂😂 And I have so much fun!!!👍🏼😂 Anyone get those who really like and I need the spray “Mudukatuwa”🤣, suggest to disable the comments! And you’ll enjoy the lack of snakes on his page.👍🏼 💪🏻 And good and kind people you will always find.😊 #anastasiamalave #Volochkova #ballet #Russia #I #love #joy #flowers #happiness #us #winter #creativity #volochkova #instagood #be #love #me #enjoy #best #good #ballet #friends

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