Volochkova after the robbery of 100 million puzzled photo: “a hard Day”

Волочкова после ограбления на 100 миллионов озадачила фото: "День тяжелый"

Scandalous ballerina Anastasia Volochkova continues to draw attention to the person on the page in social network Instagram

Despite the fact that network users are actively discussing any boasting stars, it itself is not stopping, and she continues to post new photos of their achievements and demonstrate the different parts of their bodies and her lover, fueling the desire of users to discuss her outrageous antics.

Волочкова после ограбления на 100 миллионов озадачила фото: "День тяжелый"

So, this time, the controversial celebrity posted a photo with his pet cat lucky, the shots which quite often flashing in her “stories”.

“Good morning, my dear ! Today I have intense Affairs of the day! So a little tenderness with your beloved pet ❤my butt and go ! Stocked with patience ahead of the working week! Have a good mood and let all your efforts will not be in vain 😊”, signed your new picture Volochkova.

Comments cunning ballerina hid, so followers failed to write funny reviews. However, Anastasia did this because after the recent Nude shots on the Maldives and wallow in snowdrifts star ran into a wave of criticism and outrage.

It is worth noting that this post is the first after the received information in the media about a scandalous story of the robbery of a celebrity. While comments about the incident itself Volochkova has not yet been given.

Волочкова после ограбления на 100 миллионов озадачила фото: "День тяжелый"

So, before the celebrity went to the police and complained of the cruel deception by a loved one. Details reported Telegram-channel Mash.

According to media reports, Anastasia Volochkova told police the “sentimental story” about the robbery. Previously breaking down in tears. As reported by the artist, it was cheated of 100 million rubles.

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Anastasia Volochkova admitted that he trusted the wrong person. Specifically, her ex —husband Igor Vdovin. According to sources, the 54-year-old man has been working in “Urban Resort Astrakhan”.

At the same time before the ballerina has already told the police this story, but from a slightly different angle. Volochkova claimed that Igor Vdovin recommended her to invest in the business. The actress has invested 67 million Russian rubles and 500 thousand dollars in the construction of elite residential complex in Astrakhan, where he received 22 apartments. Soon, however, the business project went bankrupt. The construction is still not finished.

Now Anastasia Volochkova accuses ex-wife of fraud. According to her, the thief had deliberately mislead her, and tripped on a lot of money. He Vdovin is now hidden and does not communicate.

Recall that Volochkova showed itself in mini bikini after the holidays. The celebrity was compared to the cartoon Sponge Bob due to the striking resemblance.

As reported Politeka, Volochkova told the truth about his relationship with Dzhigurda.

Also Politeka wrote Volochkova disgraced while bathing on Epiphany.

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