Volochkova admitted why behaving inappropriately

Волочкова призналась, почему ведет себя неадекватно

Volochkova admitted why behaving inappropriately
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According to the ballerina, for her charitable and useful projects almost no one responds.

Famous Russian ballerina Anastasia Volochkova told why behaving inappropriately and making provocative publication. The best twine in the Internet admitted that the subscribers do not respond to her charitable and useful projects. So she had to adjust and do what you like most about her fans. About it it is told from his


– All the while wondering why people I in some degree annoying and I don’t like, still I signed? Still do not pass by my page in Instagram and all my social networks? Why do you think I need to teach, to educate, to tell me how to live me how to dance, what to wear? And in General – what to do and what not to do. Because each of you has the right to live their lives, but many, I feel that I live my already – admitted the star.

Volochkova said that it is a great honor that interest on the part of the people. And the interest in her life – a consequence of the fact that many can’t afford to live as bright and unusual as she.

– When you start to judge me, I want to ask you, are you perfect? In their actions, in their actions, in their position? Whether such in your life? Especially women want to say to many: you’re all mothers, you have children and you dress in what you want. And your dress, your outfits and your swimwear can also not everyone likes, – said the ballerina.

Volochkova said that pictures of her in swimwear on the splits in the Russian bath is much more interesting to fans than charity projects with the kids or performances and rehearsals.

– You’re my twine spread to such an extent that he entered into the Russian Book of records… I don’t understand why my string is causing such a stir – confessed star, although she noted that she is pleased.

But, according to the ballerina, even though her twine draws attention to the performances on charity basis.


Volochkova was allowed to try myself

The ballerina does not get tired to surprise and shock its subscribers in social networks.

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