Volkswagen introduced a budget electric car for 25,000 euros

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 Volkswagen introduced a budget electric car for 25,000 euros

Volkswagen has unveiled an affordable electric car that is a couple of years away, putting Europe's biggest automaker on the path to direct competition with Tesla.

The ID 2all compact concept is a car worth less than 25,000 euros ($26,400), which VW is preparing for the European market in 2025. The maker of the Golf hatchback, which was knocked off the top of sales charts last year, said Wednesday the EV will be as spacious as this model and as affordable as the Polo.

ID. The 2all boasts a range of 450 km, driver assistance features and an upgraded in-car infotainment system.
Volkswagen urgently needs a budget people's car as it struggles to keep up with Tesla's EVs and must stem sales decline in China, where locals manufacturers led by BYD Co. step up your game. An electric model that comes even remotely close to the success of the Golf, the model that VW has produced more than 35 million units, will do wonders for the brand, writes Bloomberg.

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