Volgograd journalist: If I'm without a bra, this is not a reason to get into my panties

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 Volgograd journalist: If I'm without a bra, this is no reason to get into my panties

Every tenth woman in Volgograd faced annoying, unceremonious and indecent harassment from colleagues at work. Every twentieth — with sexual harassment by management. Also, approximately one in twenty women became a victim of sexual aggression at work. This conclusion was reached by specialists from one of the major job search services, who analyzed the situation on the labor market in Volgograd. Arina Ryazanova, a journalist and principled opponent of bras, expressed her point of view on this problem, which she had to face in Volgograd.

Ryazanova writes: “Everyone knows my style: bright, catchy and without a bra. But today I wanted to get dressed, hide and blend in with the crowd.
Why do I dress like this? Everything is simple! I know that I will not be touched, offended or judged, except behind my back. I don't go to clubs and bars except for stand-up. I don't hang out at parties and I don't go outside after 21:00 — taxi only. Therefore, I have no fear of society and people, because my environment is adequate. I have no fear!

But sometimes I am outside of my people. It's scary, dirty and poor. Naturally, I fly into such places by accident. Therefore, I am in my usual appearance. With my jokes and with my behavior, which for some reason is regarded as slushan in their parties.

I can’t quickly adjust, and initially all people, even from this category, show that they are white and fluffy, and then climb into your pants. And it's gross. And I've been through this, and more than once.

People still cannot understand and accept that permission is needed to touch a person. Volgograd is so famous for the fact that you can be touched right and left for your appearance and behavior. But! There was no agreement! And the word “no” is not perceived as “no”. Everyone has “no” it's yes.
I don't want to change my appearance. And behavior too. But I'm starting to think. Because lately there has been an attempt on my immunity more than once. At work, I removed my hands from myself with the repetition of the word “no”; repeatedly. And before that, I had to defiantly put a chair between me and the person so that he would not reach out and touch me where it was impossible.

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