Volcanologists predicted the impending catastrophe on a planetary scale

Вулканологи предсказали скорую катастрофу планетарного масштаба

In case of a major eruption may begin as volcanic winter.

Scientists believe that a terrible catastrophe is gonna happen and it will happen relatively soon, reports the Chronicle.info with reference to the news of the world.

About 500 years ago in Italy the eruption of the volcano. For eight days the huge amount of lava and a plume of smoke in the atmosphere, creating a new area. Researchers believe that this could happen again. The internal pressure in the volcano, located in the Phlegraean fields, is gradually increasing for the past 67 years. During this time the lava was closer to the surface of the earth at three kilometers. Today this volcano is considered the largest and most dangerous on the planet.

Scientists have extensively studied the dynamics of the growth of the internal pressure and suggested that the SUPERVOLCANO is very close to the last stage. After it will start an intense eruption, whose consequences are simply impossible to predict.

The eruption could have catastrophic consequences, but because of the huge quantities of ash and sulphur that gets into the air can and does begin as volcanic winter.

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So far, the experts can not give an exact date as to when it will happen eruption, but they are confident that it will happen over the next several decades.

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