Volcano erupts on small Italian island of Stromboli

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 A volcano erupted on the small Italian island of Stromboli

On the Italian island of Stromboli, which is located north of Sicily, a volcano woke up, spewing lava and ash into the sea, ANSA reports.

In connection with the beginning of the eruption, the civil protection service raised the warning level to orange, which provides for more active monitoring of the situation.

Local residents are urged to follow the news and recommendations of civil protection authorities, to avoid staying on the street and near windows, in case they are knocked out by the blast from the eruption.

Stromboli volcano, which bears the same name as the island, is one of the four active volcanoes in Italy. Due to the fact that the eruption is clearly visible from the sea from a great distance, it is sometimes called the “Mediterranean Lighthouse”. Minor activity of the volcano is observed regularly, the last serious eruption was in 2019. Then a tourist died from falling stones, who was suddenly caught by the eruption near the top, several more people received minor injuries.

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