Vladimir Vinokur celebrated a birthday, armed with a shovel

Владимир Винокур отпраздновал день рождения, вооружившись лопатой

Vladimir Vinokur celebrated a birthday, armed with a shovel [photo, video]
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Photo: instagram.com/petrosyanevgeny.

The comedian congratulated Yevgeny Petrosyan and Elena Sparrow.

Russian comedian and singer Vladimir Vinokur showed how I spent the birthday. In the 72 years of the stars, the snow fell in Moscow, had to take a shovel and clean up the local area. The star has shown the process on video. Next to 34-year-old daughter Anastasia Vinokur Cathal son on a sled. Caught in isolation a family cheered the unexpected winter.

The artist was congratulated by colleagues at the scene of Yevgeny Petrosyan and Elena Stepanenko.

– Happy birthday, dear “godfather”!!! With love and best wishes❤ it’s amazing. Hello and thank you from my entire family🙏 – wrote the Sparrow.

– Today we congratulate Vladimir Vinokur happy birthday! For years, it seems that the life counter works faster, and with a sense of joy, I think, is “stop the moment”. Vinokur – joyful people! Congratulations! Volodya, health to you all organs! wished Petrosyan, attaching archival photo with the comedian.

Winokur thanked congratulated in Instagram.

Thank you, my dear, for your CONGRATULATIONS!!!I wish you all HEALTH!!!❤️🚑❤️🚑❤️🚑🎭🎹🍷👶👍, – wrote the artist.

On the eve winokur showed how it was tested for the coronavirus. The singer confirmed that the photos are real, not staged, and also said mk.ru that Russian singer Lev Leshchenko is recovering from coronavirus.

– Loew called. He all right, is on the mend, – said winokur. – He is happy!

The test showed that the distiller healthy.

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Publication of Vladimir Vinokur (@vladimir_vinokur)

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Quarantine The Cross!!!! All HEALTH!!!❤️🙏🙏🙏🚑🌹🌹🌹

Publication of Vladimir Vinokur (@vladimir_vinokur)

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Dear Friends!!! Have to share with You a joyous event!!! Scroll photos ⬅ on!!! take care! All HEALTH !!!🙏🙏🙏❤️🚑🌹 ⠀ #winokur #quarantine #coronavirus #activatestate

Publication of Vladimir Vinokur (@vladimir_vinokur)


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