Vlad Yama spoke about an expensive dream and admitted how much money he needs per month

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Vlad Yama spoke about an expensive dream and confessed how much money he needs a month

A dream costs from 600 to 800 thousand dollars.

39-year-old Vlad Yama is one of the most popular dancers in the country. He participates in many rating projects for which he receives space royalties. However, the star has not yet earned the biggest dream of the family – a house in Miami.Vlad Yama has enough real estate in Kiev – an apartment and a large house that serves as a summer residence for him. However, the spouses dream of housing in Miami, where they often come in winter.

We thought to buy a house in Miami so that it would be. For complete happiness at the channel, Vlad Yama admitted.

According to the dancer, his and his wife's dream costs from 600 to 800 thousand dollars! They have not yet collected such an insane amount. True, the host Slava Demin noticed that apartments in Miami are much cheaper – from 100 thousand dollars.

& # 171; For a hundred square meters in Miami? This is Brovary, you confused & # 187; – Vlad Yama reacted with humor.

He also added that for a comfortable life in Ukraine, he and his beloved Liliana and son Leon need 10 thousand dollars a month.

& # 171; Better than 20 (thousand dollars). So that there is enough for everything, but not to be afraid for your life & # 187; – explained Vlad Yama.

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