Vlad Darwin and showed him the scars on his chest that remained after another quarrel with his wife

Vlad Darwin показал шрамы на груди, которые остались после очередной ссоры с супругой

Vlad Darwin and showed him the scars on his chest that remained after another quarrel with his wife
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Photo: instagram.com/darwinvlad

The singer said that is always put up first.

Ukrainian singer Vlad Darwin admitted that he and his wife Christine of emotional steam. They often fight and their removal sometimes have consequences. So, the producer showed the scars on his chest are traces of my wife’s nails.

– What was the controversy the couple do not remember – but the first in the family is always going to put up Vlad, writes leading Solomiya Vitvitskaya in his Telegram-channel “Osobliva s Solomou”.

Darwin married Armenian jazz singer Kristina Marti in November 2019. Beloved and I got engaged in the family circle and invited to a celebration of only the closest friends.

The wedding took place in Thai style in the restaurant “Mayachok”, where invited about 100 guests. Dress code – red and its shades. To congratulate the newlyweds came Solomiya Vitvitskaya, Natalia Mogilevskaya, Alyosha, Svetlana Tarabarova, Natalka Karpa, Natalia Kholodenko.

In an interview to “KP in Ukraine”, the singer explained why during the celebration the guests were asked not to shout “Gorko”.

– We with Christina don’t like it when the mystery kiss trying to turn into some kind of circus act on the order. Should be sincere feelings. They need to show when there is a desire and not when you order, – said Vlad.

On the question of whether spouses of children, Darwin said, “We can plan all you want, but as God wills”.


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