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 Visit ASAP: 9 Endangered Tourist Sites< /p>

Endangered cultural and natural monuments around the world. Some of them are threatened by natural phenomena and aging, while others are threatened by people.

  • Historic center of Vienna, Austria: the main threat – rapidly growing high-rise urban development.
  • The Chan Chan Archaeological Zone, Peru: the main threat – high rate of destruction due to lack of conservation and maintenance.
  • Cultural landscape and archeological sites of the Bamiyan Valley, Afghanistan: the monument suffered great losses in 2001 when the Taliban deliberately destroyed two giant Buddha statues.
  • Timbuktu, Mali: the main threat is the war in Mali, occupation and deliberate destruction of heritage sites by armed groups.
  • Sumatra Rainforest, Indonesia: Major Threat – poaching, illegal logging and planned infrastructure development in the area.
  • Islands and protected areas of the Gulf of California, Mexico: the main threat – illegal and unsustainable fishing practices that have endangered marine life.
  • Everglades National Park, Florida: storms, pollution, invasive species, and urban development are major threats.
  • Selous Game Reserve, Tanzania : The main threat is illegal poaching, which has a devastating effect on the wildlife population of the park. Additional hazards come from nearby uranium mines, logging, and a planned dam.
  • Atsinanani Rainforest, Madagascar: Wildfires are a major threat, posing a huge risk to the rainforest ecosystem. There are also problems with poaching, mining and illegal logging.

Therefore, do not hesitate and, if possible, visit these places. After all, it will probably not be possible to do this soon.

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