Violent clashes in Shechem. 5 militants killed

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 Violent clashes in Nablus. 5 militants killed

In Shechem, one of the leaders of the “Lion's Den” was liquidated

Large IDF forces were operating over the past day in the area of ​​the city Shechem. According to the Palestinian Ministry of Health, 5 terrorists were killed. It is also reported that an Air Force aircraft attacked the militants' vehicle.

Last night (Tuesday), a joint IDF, Shin Bet, and YAMAM team raided a hidden apartment in the Kasbah of Shechem, which was being used as an explosives laboratory for key operatives of the Lion's Den terrorist infrastructure. – and blew it up.

According to the Palestinians, the IDF surrounded the house of the leader of the organization, Wadi al-Huh, and he was killed in a firefight.

From the videos posted on social networks, it is clear that dozens of IDF vehicles entered the city. A firefight ensued between the soldiers and the terrorists, during which at least 5 terrorists were killed. PA security apparatus operatives are also taking part in the shootings, Palestinians say. In addition, according to Palestinian reports, an Israeli Air Force plane attacked a car with several armed people inside.

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