Vinnik, Potap and Polyakov have teamed up in a trio

Винник, Потап и Полякова объединились в трио

Vinnik, Potap and Polyakov have teamed up in a trio
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The artists recorded a joint song “”Holy! Holy! Holy!”

Potapov, Oleg Vinnik and Olya Polyakova has recorded a new soundtrack for the Comedy “Skujene wedding music 2”, which will be released on 25 December. The author of the composition has traditionally been the music composer for both parts of the film Potapov. According to him, the song “Holy! Holy! Holy!” will become not only the main soundtrack of the film, but all of the upcoming holidays.

– Oleg wanted to repeat last year’s success (in the first part, they sang “Best day”. – Ed.) was looking for new colors to the new hit soundtrack. Because the song was funny and catchy, I realized that we need Queen of the Night! So the main song of all holidays United artists, with whom the Ukrainians associate with the holidays – says Potap. Olya added to its charm and detachment, and it turned out super trio incredible, fantastic, folk Oleg, unattainable girl-holiday and mega fun Olga Potap. It will be a rocket!

Oleg Vinnik work were also satisfied.

– With the farm since last year we have formed a great tandem. Now Olya with her hot temper. It is interesting, though difficult. When men gather together is one thing, but if between them there is a female you know … But the result pleased everyone! – says Oleg Vinnik.

Olga adds that the company they have gathered what you need:

– Cool song, Ukrainian, incendiary – everything I love.

The clip was also filmed and a master of ceremonies “Skazanego wedding music” Nazar Zapuhljak, played by Yuri Gorbunov. Premiere song and video will take place on 5 December.


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