Video of the attack in Jaffa: Terrorist with a knife attacks 67-year-old returnee

Video of the attack in Jaffa: Terrorist attacks a 67-year-old returnee with a knife

Israeli police released surveillance footage of the terrorist attack in Jaffa a month ago.

18-year-old Arabic terrorist Mohammed Bani Ubeida attacked 67-year-old repatriate Boris.

In the video, you can see how Boris and his wife Tatyana are walking down the street – and at this time a terrorist runs up from behind and starts stabbing the man with a knife. Boris was seriously wounded. He says: “I saw it in his eyes, he’s a terrorist. I got a hard hit, and then another hit. I saw? that he turned to my wife. I grabbed her arm and knocked her to the ground. I stood between them. He apparently did not expect such a reaction and fled. ”

After the attack, Muhammad fled to the mosque and hid there. The police found and arrested him an hour later.

The terrorist is a resident of the Palestinian Authority who was illegally in Israel and worked in one of the restaurants in Jaffa.

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