Video: Maija Sējāne organizes a yester race with a lawn mower at the dinner show Shows

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Video: Maija Sējāne organizes a yester race with a lawn mower at the dinner show Shows

This week, people from the team of the singing show “X Faktors” will visit each other on the TV3 show “Almost perfect dinner”.

Maija Sējāne, the musical producer of “X Faktora”, Indra Salceviča, the designer and stylist of the show, Arvils Linde, the painter and master of the visual image of the participants, and Markus Riva, the director of the show, will try to surprise their colleagues.

On the first night, Maija set the table in her home. The housewife’s guests had taken care not only of dinner but also of entertainment. A salad with fried tiger prawns was brought to the table for a snack.

Markus Riva, who is the only vegan in the company, was glad that Maija had planned to serve a salad without seafood. Only the portion was too small. “Maybe because I ate a lot, and I hadn’t eaten for three days in preparation for this show,” explained Markus Riva.

The main course was served with an American steak with potatoes and asparagus, but Markus was at the special portion – the meat was replaced with grilled mushrooms with vegan cheese. The singer felt a slight taste, so she did not refuse to condemn the vegetables from Indra and Maija’s plate.

After getting stuck, it was time for entertainment, and Maija offers guests to go slalom with a lawn mower. Arvils was the fastest on the track and Arvils won the prize. “The fun was fun, it added sharpness to the event,” Arvils was pleased.

After the fun attraction, Maija served homemade vegan coconut ice cream, which turned out to be the best Markus has eaten, so he ate three servings.

In total, Maija earned 84 points for food, entertainment and evening atmosphere.


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