Video games increase intelligence in children – scientists

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 Video games increase intelligence in children - scientists

Scientists at the Karolinska Institute in Sweden have debunked the popular myth that video games are harmful to children.

Scientist Torkel Klingberg noted that the researchers did not study the effect of video games on physical activity, sleep, well-being or school performance.

The study was aimed at studying the effect on children's cognitive abilities and their IQ.

participation of 9,000 American girls and boys aged 9 and 10. Previously, the scientists conducted a series of psychological tests, and also interviewed parents about how much time their children devote to watching TV, social networks and video games.

In total, the children were observed for two years, after which 5,000 children were examined again.

On average, children played video games for 1 hour a day. Those who spent more time playing games saw an increase in intelligence of about 2.5 IQ points. Also, the experts did not find any significant negative or positive effect of watching TV and social networks.

“It is important to note that only children from the USA took part in our experiment, and we also did not consider differences between types of video games. Therefore, with regard to children from other countries, we cannot say yet, for this we need to conduct additional research, & quot;, — the scientists concluded.

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