Video: Crazy firefight in Jenin, 4 terrorists killed

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 Video: wild firefight in Jenin, 4 terrorists killed

Israeli police and military on Wednesday released footage of a shootout between Israeli troops and Palestinian terrorists in the PA city of Jenin, during which at least four Palestinian militants were killed and dozens were injured.

During a firefight on Wednesday morning, which was captured by both soldiers' helmet cameras and an IDF drone, the terrorists used explosive devices against the soldiers and tried to escape.

According to the military, one of the militants, Abed Hazem – the brother of a slain terrorist who killed three people in a shooting in Tel Aviv last April – and his accomplices were planning “major attacks in Israel in the near future.”

Other suspects have been identified Muhammed Alovna, who was responsible for a series of shooting attacks against Israelis in the West Bank along with Hazem, Ahmed Alauneh, a member of the Palestinian Authority's security apparatus, and Mohammed Abu Naasa.

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