Video: Alligator captured by US Army veteran … with trash can

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Video: Alligator captured by US Army veteran … with trash can

This intrepid young man was able to capture the animal with the help of a trash can.

It is a face-to-face meeting that we are not used to seeing. A relaxed young man, in slippers and with a large trash can, slowly approaches an alligator that has taken place in his garden. A few minutes before this video was filmed (and then made the rounds of social networks), the daughter of this veteran of the American army went to look for her father to warn him of the presence of the caiman near the house.

Neither one nor two, the latter decided to capture him, using a trash can! Eugène Bonzi confided in USA Today :

I’m taking him out of here because he must probably be hungry. The only thing I was concerned about was protecting my children and those in the neighborhood.

“Like the mouth of a hippopotamus”

To achieve his ends, the 26-year-old slowly approached the alligator, with his open bin facing the animal: “I used the lid of the bin like the mouth of a hippopotamus. I realized that he was quite shy and that he was backing down, so I felt I had the advantage, ”he explains.

After a cover on the head, the animal ends up entering the trash can, which Eugnene will immediately close and straighten under the applause of his neighbors who attend the scene.

He then goes to a water point located not far from there to release the alligator. Slightly heckled, the latter remained motionless for a few minutes before reaching the small lake.

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