Video: 14-year-old beats mother with a 30-centimeter knife in front of children

Video: 14-year-old hits mother in front of children with a 30cm knife

A clip of surveillance cameras in Sheikh Jarah at the time of the attack against a 26-year-old Orthodox Jew who was taking children to kindergarten was published in the Israeli media .

A 14-year-old Palestinian terrorist attacked her mother in front of the children, stabbing her in the back with a huge knife with a 30-centimeter blade.

The wounded woman was taken to the Hadassah Ein Kerem hospital with a knife in her back. The doctors said that she was very lucky – only a small part of the knife had entered her back.

The husband of the wounded, Dvir, said that his wife felt better and hoped for a speedy recovery. Dvir said that the family will continue to live in Sheikh Jarah.

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