Victoria Beckham has released a collection of wedding dresses

Виктория Бекхэм выпустила коллекцию свадебных платьев

Victoria Beckham Bridal is a functional and modern collection.

British designer Victoria Beckham has released a new collection of dresses. At this time, the wife of David Beckham has created a wedding collection of clothes.

Victoria created the sleek designs of wedding dresses so that they can be worn not only on the wedding day, but also on public outputs.

However, most of the dresses are not new. The same styles and cut Beckham had developed earlier, and in a new line for brides – just redid them in bright colors.

For example, the collection includes a dress that Victoria went to the wedding of Meghan Markle. Different dresses line just flowers.

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In addition, one of the dresses is very similar to the way a second wedding of a friend Victoria Meghan Markle. Then the Duchess of Sussex after the wedding ceremony wearing a gorgeous gown from Givenchy. In the way from Victoria, there is an additional vertical incision in the chest area.

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