Victor Rybin commented on the rumors about cancer: a Doctor gave a good prognosis

Виктор Рыбин прокомментировал слухи о раке:  Врач дал хороший прогноз

Victor Rybin commented on the rumors about cancer: “the Doctor gave a good prognosis”
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Fans suspected that beating cancer the singer was sick again.

In 2018 Russian singer Viktor Rybin and his wife, the Russian singer Natalia Senchukova, spoke about the suppression of basal cell skin cancer. Radiation therapy helped to overcome the disease, but recently fish and Senchukova appeared in the Studio of the Russian TV program “the Destiny of man” and told that this disease is likely to return.

– On the face I grew up, said Rybin. – Did one operation removed. After just three months – the same, but more. A second operation. I think we should probably go. And Natasha rose. Found the same thing. Basal cell carcinoma. Started to treat radiation therapy. Got elsewhere. Removed. Again, radiation therapy, more sessions were recently. Climbed again.

Fans began to worry about the health of the artist. In an interview with “KP.RU” Rybin reassured fans. He noted that the doctors ‘ prognosis is good. The actor wants to babysit grandchildren, but to turn into a feeble old man is not going, and even confident.

You now feel good? Your recent scare television viewers. – said “KP” the singer.

– PAH-PAH-PAH! Just because of this program I was late to the doctor – came to him at nine in the evening. And he gave a good prognosis.

– Your handsome son been Dating a girl, going to marry. Are you ready to become a grandfather?

– Not yet! And even if I actually become a grandfather, physiologically that I’m not still – confidently said Rybin, pointing to itself – say, I’m in great shape! – But I still have eldest daughter (the daughter Mary by his second wife, from which the singer went to Natalia Senchukova. – Ed.) because there can fly. How would they have arrived at the same time! But I’m not going to babysit. The nanny will take, may do.

– You have not regretted that at the time, told about the cancer? Many artists, for example, the family of Anastasia Zavorotnyuk, do not reveal the sores…

– It was necessary to warn people. Because Natasha to a certain point did not take it seriously. Woke up when my birthday came SMS “You will find an oncologist”. And now Natasha is a lot written on this topic in social networks, she advises, to what doctor to address. But first and foremost, it is necessary to take care of yourself – we humans are fragile. I don’t mind the sun, do not mind the summer, but have to be careful.


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