Veteran of the “special operation”: guys, we are at war with our own

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 Veteran “special operation”: guys, we are at war with our own< /p>

Buryatia – one of the leading regions in terms of the number of victims of hostilities on the territory of Ukraine. Most of them – people from the villages of the republic. Rinat Sadykov, a resident of the village of Oymur, went to war to understand why and for what his son died in Ukraine.

Vyacheslav Sadykov, after completing his military service, continued to serve under a contract in order to “make some money”. In early February, he was sent for exercises in Belarus, and with the outbreak of war, he was among the first army units that invaded the territory of Ukraine. On February 27, Vyacheslav was killed.

After the death of his son, Rinat Sadykov went to Ukraine as a volunteer. We don't have an army,” Sadykov says, noting the unprofessionalism of the “impostors” command, which leads to thousands of senselessly dead soldiers.

we are at war with each other,” says the veteran of the “special operation” after returning from Ukraine.

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