“Very strange things” and not only: top 10 series of 2022

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 "Stranger Things" and more: top 10 TV shows of 2022

The rating company Nielsen has presented a list of the most popular TV shows of 2022.

The list is topped by the new season of the Netflix show Stranger Things. It became the most popular last year. The total viewing time was 52 billion minutes.

The second most popular series was the crime drama NCIS, which has been broadcast for more than two decades and has 356 episodes. On Netflix, the viewing time was 38.1 billion minutes.

The third line is occupied by the American children's educational animated series "Cocomelon" It became the most watched children's show of the year with 37.8 billion minutes watched on Netflix.

Ozark came in fourth place. It was viewed on the streaming service for a total of 31.3 billion minutes.

At number five was the only film to make the top 10, Encanto. It is an American computer-animated musical fantasy comedy film produced by Walt Disney Pictures. On "Disney+" it was watched by 27.4 billion minutes despite being released in 2021.

The American medical drama Grey's Anatomy ranked sixth with 26.8 billion minutes watched on Netflix for the year.

In seventh place was the police drama Criminal Minds, which has been broadcast since 2005. It has amassed 24.9 billion minutes watched on streaming platforms. The series is available on Paramount+, Hulu and Disney+.

Blues, an animated children's animated series from Australia, occupies the eighth position in the rating. It scored 21.1 billion minutes watched on Disney+.

The ninth place went to the American comedy-drama television series Gilmore Girls. It was watched on Netflix for 20.8 billion minutes.

The legendary sitcom “Seinfeld” hasn't aired since 1998, but it still managed to break into the top ten last year with 19.3 billion minutes watched on Netflix.

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