Very cool series, which is not a pity time

Дуже круті серіали, на яких не шкода часу

Still from the TV series Utopia
/ womo

These series are accurate worthy of your attention. Record yourself this little collection.


The plot revolves around a simple teacher Noah Solloway. He has been married for almost twenty years with his wife Helen. They have four children who are nearly unmanageable. The hero seems to be happy with my life, but there is fatigue from family concerns. Besides work, he enjoys writing books, but the great success it brings. Once the hero along with his family goes on vacation, where he meets an attractive waitress Alison.


The main character, the show’s host “the Review”, a man named Forrest MacNeil. In the transfer, he deals with various life issues, and the audience, in turn, too. Forrest runs through the task entrusted to it by the viewer, and gives a rating on a scale. Boundless devotion to the show threatens his happy life.


Great luck in one of the comic shops. To come staff the spec. services in search of obscure books. Before her death wrote a brilliant scientist in the field of genetic engineering gone mad and it is called the Secrets of Utopia. In it, he encrypts all the secrets and now only the most worthy will be able to identify them.

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