Very cool my grandfather shared a lifehack books in the Church

Дуже крутий дідусь поділився лайфхаком з книжками у церкві

Grandpa is a genius

Network wonder of creativity grandfather, who loves to read everywhere. He even figured out how to enjoy your favorite literature while going to Church.

On the Reddit platform gaining popularity a screenshot of the message strmecki GingerKittyCat about her grandfather. For short tea photo saw more than 23 thousand people and more than 300 left comments. And all because of the steepness of the old surprise and delight.

“I finally asked my grandfather why so many books sealed with black tape. And he replied that he pasted the cover to the book was like a Bible and can be read in the Church”, – is spoken in the screenshot with the picture.

Madlad granddad from r/madlads

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