Vera Brezhneva was caught squatting in the stairwell: “Direct Verka Serduchka”

Веру Брежневу застукали на корточках в подъезде: "Прям Верка Сердючка"

Famous Ukrainian singer Vera Brezhnev appeared before fans in a new way

Member of the group “VIA Gra” posted on the social network Instagram a photo where she is squatting in one of the entrances of apartment buildings. She’s wearing a black leather jacket and dark sweat pants. Girl shod in white sneakers. We immediately see that in this photo Faith copies the stereotypical image of the so-called “Gopnik”, which is very famous among the people.

Веру Брежневу застукали на корточках в подъезде: "Прям Верка Сердючка"

Under the post singer just had a lot of comments.

“Direct Verka Serduchka!!!That is what a woman”, “semki there? And if you sing”, “where is Semyon?”, “Pugachev’s better to look”, “beauty “Murka “”, “the Beauty!!!!!!!!”, “Really, Faith!!!! Beauty,” wrote fans under the picture of Faith.

Веру Брежневу застукали на корточках в подъезде: "Прям Верка Сердючка"

Earlier it was reported that Vera Brezhnev on the eve of his birthday I posted a hot video with footage of his holiday in an exotic corner of the world.

Sunday, February 3 Ukrainian singer, now living in the Russian Federation Vera Brezhneva celebrated the day of his birth. Show diva and star of Instagram was 37. In connection with this event, the singer decided to please his numerous fan videos with a charming ocean shore. On Brezhnev wearing only the skirt is fuchsia. Bare chest Brezhnev chastely covers her hands. Members unanimously congratulated the singer with the dem of birth, as usual, noting the tenderness of her image and the beauty of the body.

Still recall that famous Ukrainian singer Vera Brezhneva, who has been living and working in Russia, continues to delight with his photos and videos.

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So, recently it became known that the artist managed to realize his cherished dream – to go on holiday to the Maldives. At that time, as her colleagues had to spend the holidays in exotic resorts, the artist was able only now to escape to a Paradise island.

However, the star said that the guests will stay for only five days. The singer decided to write on his page in social network Instagram. Also the actress shared with fans of intriguing photos.

It was also reported that the notorious Ukrainian singer Vera Brezhnev showed the fans a new “divine” picture.

Still recall that beautiful Vera Brezhnev and modest Konstantin Meladze heart to heart talk and he revealed some secrets in project “Vecherniy Urgant”.

Also Politeka wrote that Vera Brezhnev is very secretive when it comes to her family.

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