Vera Brezhnev revealed the secrets of its makeup

Вера Брежнева раскрыла секреты своего макияжа

Vera Brezhnev revealed the secrets of its makeup
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Recently, the singer also fell in love with new styling – soft light curls.

Ukrainian singer Vera Brezhnev revealed the secrets of the perfect makeup.

– To look modern and relevant with red lipstick, I choose fresh shades: coral red, orange-red. They are almost all and they can be safely worn during the day – they are perfectly combined with casual clothes style. Here lips the main focus is lips. In this makeup it is important to first properly remove the shortcomings – any redness on the skin, bruises under his eyes, and then emphasize the advantages of using the glow highlighter and a light blush to create well-groomed well-rested appearance to the face. It is important to work out the eyebrows, but more importantly, to make it look natural (to first draw them in pencil, visually adding thickness, then comb the gel or eyebrow mascara). This make quite a bit of highlight to the eye: ciliary to designate a path and apply a little mascara. Another touch of the highlighter in the center of mobile eyelid (above the pupil) and the inner corner of the eye. Bright, matte lips perfectly work in conjunction with virtually a clean face – glowing skin and expressive eyebrows. But if slightly shade the contour of the lips with a cotton swab or a small brush , then makeup will look even more fashionable, she shared make-up tips on their page


Also the star admitted that her favorite styling – soft light curls. Before her Faith does hair styling or heat protection.


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