Venetian Festival! in the sign of celebration. Olympic, Arakain and Team will play

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Venetian Festival! in the sign of celebration. Olympic, Arakain and Team will play

Next year, the Olympic group will commemorate sixty years, Petr Janda will celebrate its 80th birthday, the Arakain group forty years and the Slovak Team also forty years old. The first nominee will appear in the program on the first day, Thursday. Olympic and Arakain will take turns on the podium.

“We agreed that each band would play one song from the other’s repertoire,” said Jiří Urban, Arakain’s guitarist. “It will be easy for us, a lot of people play guitar songs by the fire. Olympic will probably have a harder time with our song. “

Bassist Milan Broum and singer and guitarist Petr Janda from Olympik.

Photo: Jan Handrejch, Law

“It never occurred to me that the Olympic would celebrate the anniversary with Arakain. I’m really looking forward to it. Arakain is our related band and I am all the more pleased that when I recorded his songs for the single Rockmap in 1989, I predicted a long life for him, “said Olympika frontman Janda.

“We believe that next year, thanks to this connection, we will set a spectator record at the festival. Especially when Petr Janda will be celebrating his 80th birthday, “said festival director Pavel Mikez.

The second celebration will take place on Saturday evening. The group, led by singer Paľo Habera, will start celebrating its anniversary at the festival. According to information from the organizers of Venice! Martin’s band will perform at a maximum of three concerts next year.

“We are extremely grateful that the great Czechoslovak stars accepted our offer and included our festival in the celebrations of their significant anniversaries. We take it as an appreciation of our work and their respect for our loyal fans, who held us very happy during the festival, “said the show’s co-owner Petr Pečený.

Arakain Group.

Photo: band archive

When asked by Práva, he replied that if the festival did not take place next year either, its very existence would be endangered. “We do not receive any grants, we rely on resources that we obtain ourselves. Fortunately, our team is not big, so we do not have as high costs as some other festivals, “he explained.

Next year, Škwor, Traktor, Vypsaná fixa or Pokáč will also perform at the festival. Other names will be published by the organizers gradually. Due to the risk of possible pandemic problems, the organizers do not count on the participation of foreign stars. “As a festival without subsidies, we cannot afford such a risk,” added Pečený.

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