Vegetable oil go bad in the refrigerator because of the light of the medical

Овощные масла портятся в холодильнике из-за света - медики

Not all food is to be kept cold

Writes about this Clutch.

A list of products that are best stored at room temperature:

Tomatoes. They should be kept in the refrigerator only as overripe to avoid possible damage, and in other cases it would be much smarter to leave them stored at room temperature, so they do not lose their taste and aroma.

Овощные масла портятся в холодильнике из-за света - медики
Bread. Very often the hostess put it in the refrigerator to remain fresh longer. But it can give quite the opposite effect, and the bread is simply “dried”. If you need to save it — better to freeze, and then, as needed, cut pieces.

Potatoes. It really will take longer to stay fresh in the refrigerator, but it will completely lose its taste and aroma.

The same applies to the flavours of coffee: if it is stored at a low temperature, it leads to its condensation, which is not the best thing for the beloved beverage.

If we talk about fruit, bananas, apples and oranges are also best kept at room temperature. And if they are already ripe, then storing in the fridge will actually make sense, as it can prolong their existence.

Garlic is much better retained, if kept in a cool dark place somewhere in the closet. But if you already cut him a few slices and took the top layer, in this case it is better to put garlic in the refrigerator.

Garlic and various vegetable oil is better to leave at room temperature, but in a dark place

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Put vegetable oil in the refrigerator — not a good idea. It is better to put the bottle of oil somewhere in a dark place, as exposure to light in this product markedly reduced the antioxidant properties.

Chocolate. There is no reason to leave it in the fridge: not only that it will become too hard, and significantly lose their taste properties.

Finally, the butter will be much tastier if you leave it somewhere in a cool place in a special container with a closed lid. Only if the hot weather, the butter should be put in the refrigerator, so that it melted.

Овощные масла портятся в холодильнике из-за света - медики

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