Valley denied rumors of an affair with Maxim Averin

News » Life Style Valley denied rumors of an affair with Maxim Averin

Larisa Dolina was suspected of having an affair with Maxim Averin when they were seen hugging after a concert and dinner at a restaurant. But the singer did not confirm the rumors about a love relationship with the actor, Russian media write.

Larisa Dolina wrote on social networks that she has been friends with Maxim Averin for ten years. They did spend the evening together after the performances and had dinner together in a restaurant, but this is not a reason for suspicion in the novel. The valley admitted that she has a “fireworks of emotions” at the sight of Averin, but they are connected exclusively by creativity and friendly relations, and not by love.

The valley was married three times, but is now free. Maxim Averin is 47 years old, but he has never been married.

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