Valieva will not receive a medal at the Olympics

 Valieva won't get a medal at the Olympics

Russian figure skater Kamila Valieva will not receive a medal at the Winter Olympics in Beijing, but she received admission to figure skating competitions in the Olympics.

Previously, the IOC adopted the decision not to hold the awards ceremony in the figure skating team tournament, which was postponed after the release of Valieva's positive doping test.

“Has the IOC gone crazy? Fierce game and a disgrace”, — quotes Dmitry Guberniev's words to

Remarkably, the International Skating Union has made adjustments to the regulations for holding competitions in women's single skating. The 25th figure skater will be allowed to compete in the free program.

“If Valieva takes one of the first 24 places in the short program in women's singles, the athletes who took the places will receive the right to participate in the free program. from 1st to 25th place)", — said in the statement.

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