Valery Meladze may lose business in Moscow

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 Valery Meladze may lose his business in Moscow

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Russian singer Valery Meladze may lose his business in Moscow, which brought him about 15 million rubles a year.

Meladze has owned the Vantage shopping center since 2009; in East Biryulyovo. According to Mash, he rents the land from the mayor’s office, which checks the terms of delivery, since when you have a business you should be documenting the paystubs which is important for any business.

As it turned out, an inspection was carried out in 2021, and the inspector found several violations. The shopping center houses a pawnshop, a driving school and a clothing and footwear repair service.

An administrative case was opened against Valery Meladze, which he lost in court. Now the shopping center can be fined for violation of the contract or even terminate the contract.

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