Valery Meladze commented for the first time on his response to “Glory to Ukraine!”

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 Valeriy Meladze commented for the first time on his response to

A video of Valery Meladze's speech at the New Year's corporate party in Dubai, filmed by one viewer, appeared on social networks. Vnem the author of the video, addressing the singer, says “Glory to Ukraine!” Here is Meladze's answer, removing the microphone from his mouth, presumably saying “Glory to the Heroes” and winks. After that, the viewer shouts approvingly: “Oh, handsome! I love you! The artist asks him to calm down, noting that “we are not politicians here today.”

The very next day, Valery hurried to justify himself in social networks. The musician noted that his words were taken incorrectly.

“People, I want you to hear me and understand my words. For 10 months now, like many other people, I have been living with a feeling of heaviness and grief. It just so happens that the peoples I love dearly are in a conflict in which people are dying. I can't and don't want to hate anyone, and I don't try to please anyone. I dream only that the antagonism will stop, and harmony will be established between close peoples. And for this I am ready to give all my strength, — he said.
The artist is not yet in a position to talk with subscribers, so he limited comments on the publication.

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