Val Music, happy with his new single Voy Soltera

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Val Music, happy with his new single Voy Soltera

GUADALAJARA, Jal., October 2, 2021. On a visit to Guadalajara Valeria Parada García, real name Val Music, arrives with a suitcase full of illusions. The Colombian embarks on her promotional journey to present her third single entitled Voy Soltera, where she shows her passion for music, and now at 20 she is willing to make her own name shine.

In an interview with Quadratín Jalisco, Val spoke about how he has carried out his career so far: “The truth is that with the pandemic last year it was atypical, I emerged as an artist in the middle of the pandemic, since my product turned it around completely since we had plans to leave last year and everything stopped; I tell you that I have been working as Val Music for five years now and releasing songs to the public for two and now I bring a different proposal, I bring complete stories, so that they can enjoy it. And this song Voy Soltera, is the third and last single in this story of love and lack of love that happened to me and I wanted to tell this in three chapters, “he revealed.

The single is now available on all its digital platforms with urban and pop sounds, as well as new rhythms and harmonies, produced by Juan Fonseca.

Val continues with the love story by chapters with this new single, an original idea that has brought messages with each of its lyrics to many teenagers who go through various situations of heartbreak.

He explained that all fans of his music will be able to understand the story as they become part of the next releases, and that is what makes this project so special.

“They are everyday stories that happen to all of us, how we feel when we meet that person we like from the first moment. This project is about stories, since I was very young I like to tell stories and with Voy Soltera I want to convey what has happened to me completely, this is the third chapter of my love and heartbreak story, the first chapter is I want, Quero, who is the most romantic talking about the beautiful things that that relationship had that already happened, then Cajita de Música follows, which is the second single that begins to tell what happened in that relationship and the manipulation that occurred and the relationship begins to fracture, and finally I’m going single, which is the stage where I am very happy and very grateful for the lessons of the past, that all the issues are related, ”she asserted.

Val stressed that his steps are firm and he will seek to realize his dreams within music and revolutionize with his music. “It is very cool to follow in the footsteps of music and many women are an example for me like Danna Paola, Belinda, Shakira, Karol G, I have always admired their work. They are women who are showing their faces for all the women who have talent and a lot to show, “he added.

So far for Val there have been many sacrifices to achieve this path of music: “Without a doubt, I have stopped doing many things where I am suddenly leaving aside such as going to parties, spending it with my friends, so let’s say that It has been like the difficult part, but this was the life I chose ”, he concluded.

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