Vakarchuk spoke about the first initiatives of “the Voice”

Вакарчук рассказал о первых инициативах «Голоса»

Vakarchuk declared intention to reduce taxes in certain areas.

Bill deoligarchization will be the first document that will offer the party a Voice in the case of passing to the Verkhovna Rada.

As transfers the Internet edition of the, it said the Ukrainian musician and political force leader Svyatoslav Vakarchuk in an interview Ліга.net.

“The details of this we will tell later. I’m for that in Ukraine were successful businessmen. But I am against the untouchables who play by their own rules. I am against manipulation in the media. I am opposed to the oligarchs used the politicians and pay their salaries”, — said the musician.

He added that his party would “severely to struggle against it”.

The CEC said about the critical situation with preparation of the elections

“We need to open the Verkhovna Rada people in the literal and figurative meanings. The oligarchs as a phenomenon should disappear,” he concluded.

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