Vaikule was badly damaged at a concert in Odessa: “voltage is 300 volts”

Вайкуле сильно пострадала на концерте в Одессе: «напряжение в 300 вольт»

Laima Vaikule almost said goodbye to life, speaking at a concert in South Palmyra

The singer still remembers her on stage was a shock.

That concert really could be the last for the people’s artist of Latvia. As it later turned out, when you install scenery, the workers damaged the light wire on which the voltage was 300 volts.

Вайкуле сильно пострадала на концерте в Одессе: «напряжение в 300 вольт»

While singing one of the songs Vaikule raised to the height of the second floor. In one hand she had a microphone, and the second she grabbed the wire, so as not to collapse down.

“And suddenly I realize that I zapped. I understand that something is happening that the eyes on the forehead climb. I let go of the handrail and realize that I’m falling,” recalls, shuddering with horror artist.

She added that she managed to maintain balance. And when it was lowered to the stage, she could not speak due to spasm. Neither the musicians nor the audience did not notice anything. After serving room, the singer barely reached the dressing room and fell prostrate. She was afraid that the heart will simply not survive the shock.

“It was a wild spasm. I was a bit tongue and cheek,” admitted Laima Vaikule.

She found the strength to finish the concert. Before the next appearance on stage, the singer wrapped the MIC somehow, so it did not pass the discharge current.

As previously reported, Vaikule has received threats because of her statements about the Crimea. The words of the Latvian singer of Russian propagandists led simply indescribable rage.

Laima Vaikule has said he was not going to speak in Russian-annexed Crimea, even for large fees. The singer told Ukrainian journalists. Answering the question, not if she plans to serve in the Crimea if invited, Vaikule said that she has a clear position on this issue.

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“I understand what you’re asking. In General, I am far from politics but in relation to the Crimea can say for sure — I will not go there, however the fee I was offered,” said the singer.

Вайкуле сильно пострадала на концерте в Одессе: «напряжение в 300 вольт»

Then with sharp criticism of the actress was made a member of the Federation Council Frants Klintsevich, known for his statements in support of Putin’s regime.

In his opinion, expressing their Pro-Ukrainian position in the Crimea, Vaikule followed in the footsteps of other famous recording artists that supported Ukraine. As an example, the incident caused the actor Vakhtang Kikabidze, who openly supported the Maidan and opposed the annexation of the Crimea and other crimes of Putin and his entourage.

Recall that Pugachev was branded after the attacks against Vajkule: better mouth than a head without a brain.

As reported Politeka, Putin decided to test the legality of the tour, singer Vajkule.

Also Politeka wrote that the scientist commented on the threat of the Russians because of his words about Crimea: people went crazy.

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