Vaccination: Younger children have fewer side effects

Vaccination: Younger children have fewer side effects

Maccabi Health Insurance Fund conducted a survey that found the Pfizer vaccine caused fewer side effects in young children (5 to 11 years old). This is reported by The Jerusalem Post.

Thus, according to the survey, only 1% of parents sought medical advice or help, treatment after vaccination of children.

In addition, according to the data survey, about 20% of parents reported that their children faced such side effects as headaches, weakness, fatigue. Most said that side effects passed during the day. 7% reported pain at the injection site, and about a third noted that there were no reactions at the injection site.

In general, the survey showed that children from 5 years old have fewer side effects effects than in older children. For example, only 7% of children aged 5 years experienced this symptom compared to 14% of children aged 11 years. Half of children aged 5 years old (5%) experienced headaches compared to children aged 11 years (10 %)

At the same time, in Maccabi noted that there is not enough data for full-fledged conclusions.

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